Maculate Imconception is a set in which I take my own sacrednesses into consideration. I asked myself why God's mother should be more important for me than My own Mother. Why I should adore Corpus Christi - God's body more than my own, which I encounter every day.
        In this set I ask whether this type of sacrilege as well as other than religious priorities are sins. How holiness can function without sin and the goodness without evil.

Once sacred paintings. Nowadays secular paintings.
"I will paint my own sacredness."
"Is this evil for sure? Is this sacrilege?"

"If an individual approaches reality in good moral way but doesn't know God and religiousness, is such a person therefore committing sin?"

oil on board 100/160 cm

oil on board 100/140 cm

oil on canvas 60/60 cm

oil on canvas 40/40 cm
oil on canvas 30/20 cm

oil on canvas 20/30 cm

oil on canvas 13/18 cm